Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oils As Pastel Experiment

It was great to get a session in with the Early Birds! There's a lot of new folks this 'season', so I'm really excited to see more results from our first day out.

This one was an experiment in treating oils more like chalk pastel. I laid a piece of cardboard on my palette and squeezed my oils onto it. The cardboard sucked out the oil, giving the pigment a consistency perfect for scumbling... an old trick I learned from my instructor, Bill Maughan, way back in my art school days. The already super-absorbent clayboard really lent itself nicely to this method.

The piece itself could use some more work (especially if I let ol' Maughan's voice get into my head), but it was fun at any rate! As for why this method instead of just using pastel? I don't own a pastel set. :P I gues it's also an alternative to framing without glass.


Bill Robinson said...

Beautiful, and interesting technique too. Will have to try it out sometime.

dicet said...

very cool approach Mike!

Your teacher's work is pretty nice too!

Jack said...

Great to experiment the different will be useful..nice post..thanks for sharing..
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