Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The artist in landscape

Here's Mike working on his "experiment"
6x8 oil on panel.

Armand was in front of Mike and I would have put him in, but he was sneezing so much and I'm no good at painting action shots ; ) Ahhh spring, ya gotta love hay fever! (And he was STILL able to knock out a killer painting!)


dicet said...

really nice Jimmy!

You captured Mike's forehead perfectly!


Mike Dutton said...

Haha, What??! My forehead? I didn't realize it was such a striking feature. ;) Subject matter aside, it's a gorgeous painting, Jimmy. You captured a truly happy moment, being up there, with the soft gale force winds -- er, I mean -- spring breeze -- brushing against my forehead.

Francis said...

I'm glad this blog is back! Great paintings guys!

enb said...

glad you guys are back at it!

Jack said...

Glad to see this blog is back...eagerly waiting for your paintings..keep[..]
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Alina Chau said...


Gracia said...

Really beautiful! so impressionist!
the Artwork in this blog is amazing ( I knew some of the painters but some others I didn't, you are all incredible!)
Thanks for sharing! :)