Wednesday, November 7, 2007

View from My Backyard

I was really excited about joining up with everybody at Grizzly Peak, but around a quarter mile from the parking lot, I realized I left one crucial piece of material back home..... panels. I didn't even have scratch paper with me, nor a phone signal to see if anyone had any spare panels, so rather than risk the long hike up with nothing to paint on, I turned around. There's some kind of strange curse with me and meeting other Early Birds in the hillside sessions!

By the time I got home, it was pretty much too late to go back up, so I set up in... uhh... my backyard. I painted my rear neighbor's trees and their house. Two crows settled on the highest point in the trees just as I was painting that area, so they're in there too.

"Two Crows" 5x7 inches. Oil on Clayboard


Eduardo Pacheco said...

Owning myself due to such "little" details is quite a stinger sometimes.

I like this, man. You had more success than me today, that's for sure! I can really feel that tree and its gesture. I like those dabs of lavender too, and the cute crows on top. Really nice!

Anonymous said...

wow mike keeping busy. I love all the foggy paintings.

Bobby Chiu said...

Love the painting and your drive! deadly combo

dicet said...

Excelente miguelito!

really nice colors!

rwhitlock said...

Nice painting! That's what it's about;seeing what's there even if you've looked at it everyday you've gone to take out the trash. It's always nice if a crow visits you!