Friday, November 9, 2007

paintings from Japan trip

Hi guys,

Awesome paintings all of you while I was absent!
I also heard Bill, Ernest and Sharon came to paint too! How can we ask them to post their pieces?? I wanna see~~!!


I just finished scanning and uploading my sketches from my Japan trip.
I was able to do quite a few paintings considering I had all my friends and family to see over there!

Hope you like some of them!


Benjamin Plouffe said...

great work as always Dice!!! keep it up

Mike Dutton said...

Dice, I know I told you this in person, but your Trip section on your website was such as inspiration to me when I first saw it two years ago, and continues to be that way. Your new installment from your Japan trip is no exception. Such beautiful work, and it also feels so personal, especially the pen drawings.

It makes me want to travel again SO badly!

Eduardo Pacheco said...

It's true, I agree. The trip section alone does inspire to do the same any time one travels. They're all so nice, Dice.

I'll go to Puerto Rico this x-mas and try and share sketches.

Keep inspiring!

(make mike post his sunday sketch :D)

Jennifer Chang said...

ohoo.. slow reaction from me..
I love your colors ( as usual ) in your painting,
and they really capture the atmosphere in japan..
and also the sketch of an old guy with his phone..
and especially, I'm amazed by the view from the Denny's ^o^ I got to see it one day !

Jennifer Chang said...
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Jennifer Chang said...
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