Wednesday, October 24, 2007

morning glow

Here's one from today. I'm trying to learn to choose more interesting colours and to put things down simply and clearly. For comparison, below is a painting from the week before; it's getting better.


Vladimir Bursac said...

Hey folks!

Beautiful blog, beautiful works!

Very glad I "discovered" this, over Dice's web site.

Keep on posting!

All the best,

Mike said...

I enjoy both of them, Nick, and I really don't think the colors in the bottom are any less interesting than the one in the second (though the colors in the second are beautiful). If anything, the one on top looks like a study in how light affects local color while the one below is more atmospheric in terms of creating mood with composition, texture, and a monochromatic palette. Both work in their own way. My personal preference tends to lean toward the latter qualities, but I should follow your lead and challenge myself to study color affected by light more often.

Great post, Nick. :)

Jackson Sze said...


What joy it is to get a peek into this group activity.

Super inspiring... I better get cranking on the paintings too!

SketchCrawl said...

dang! both Beautiful Nick !


dicet said...


i think the top one is such a step forward from the bottom one(although the bottom one is nice too)

the simplicty you got there in the top one is really nice. that:s one of the keys to keep your palette clean.

beautiful work!