Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Berkeley Industry 2

Painting from this morning from the same spot as last week, different angle.

digital paint over...


dicet said...

I:ve been checking the site everyday to see if you guys have been diligent!
Another good one Robert!
I:ve done a few paintings in Japan meanwhile. maybe ill post some as a special sneak preview.

hope everyone is well over pixar. and keep posting.

Mike Dutton said...

Boo, sorry I didn't make it out. Turns out I had to be somewhere else pretty early this morning. But maybe tomorrow...

Robert, another stunner! It's amazing what you're able to put down so quickly.

Dice, let's see that sneak peek. ;)

Robert K said...

Hey Dice, Hope things are well in Japan. If you get a chance to post it would be cool to see what you have been painting, if not, no worries, be sure to bring them into the office when you get back!

Maybe see you tomorrow in Tilden, MIke?