Thursday, March 6, 2008

Early Bird Reception Photos

Thanks to those who contributed photos, and sorry to everyone else that I'm so slow in getting these up. Enjoy!

The Studio Gallery at a distance. Unfortunately, it rained a bit that evening, but we still had a great turnout.

The display window, featuring a piece by each artist in the show.

The crowds came in waves, and remained consistent throughout the reception. New and familiar faces, colleagues and collectors, family and friends, and art lovers alike stopped by.

Enrico's watercolors alonside Ernesto's oils. It was a treat to see so many drastically different styles and approaches hanging together, while all remaining equally beautiful.

Noah Klocek (left) with wife Lori, and daughter on the right, and Stefan in the middle.

Jimmy and Sharon's paintings.

Sharon and Bill's. And a green sticker to boot.

Jimmy Gutierrez (facing us) chats up the crowd.

Daisuke and Enrico documenting the evening's festivities, or each others' iPhones in this case.

Me, answering a few questions about my work.

The scene.

Robert Kondo, girlfriend Jenny, and a friend.

Thanks to all who came out to support us!


Bill Cone said...

Thanks for posting all the photos Mike. I'm sorry to have missed the opening. It looks like Jennifer redid almost the entire gallery for the show.
Really wonderful opportunity, and a lot of great work by all.


emmanuel said...

Congratulation for this exhibition. Your works are fantastic.

Bobby Chiu said...

Wish I was there...!