Thursday, October 18, 2007

dice's contribution 10/18

I'm off to Japan for a few weeks but I expect to see tons of paintings filling up this blog by the time I'm back. :)
I"ll be back with lots of studies in Japan too.(although I doubt I'll be waking up this early!)

See you guys in a few weeks!


ps. I kept trying to get the color right and messed up my posting.. sorry mike.. can you delete the previous one for me??


Nat said...

oh, i like the over-exposed overcast sky.

Mike Dutton said...

What a beauty this one turned out to be. I really love that reflected highlight on the ground.

Dice, have a great trip man. We'll keep the sessions going while you're gone, have no fear!

marcobucci said...

this one's great, dice.

willard said...

nice dice =]